With ARC, Web3 
as a Place is a Safe1

ARC stands as your portfolio's ally

Who We Are

Our goal is to protect your digital wealth, as well as your mental health, from the disease of scams. Explore Web3 with ARC and our AI doctor that won’t let your assets get scam-infected

Our Mission

ARC brings AI-powered security and clarity to Web3, ensuring easy access to updates and insights. Guided by transparency (with an open team), efficiency in operations, open communication, and community feedback, we’re shaping a user-focused Web3 world

Reliable Web3 Defense

Essential security alerts for round-the-clock protection in Web3
Actionable security
Actionable security, with 1200+ audits
Protected assets
Over $50M in assets protected
Neutralized exploits
More than 5 exploits neutralized, maintaining a safe digital environment.
Real Voices, Real Impact: 
Testimonials from the ARC Family
Really impressed by the product swapsAi powered by @DeFi_ARC Save 40% on gas fee Audit ruggpull coins. It detects faults in the contracts On top of that
"Wait, it does WHAT?! Count me in! Saving gas fees, catching ruggpullers, and a NASA award-winning AI? 🚀 Impressive! Can't wait to dive into the world of $ARC and join the hardworking team! Let's hodl for the long haul!"
"The future is bright for $ARC @DeFi_ARC. I'm witnessing almost 68% savings on Dex Swaps!"
Before aping shitcoins or any erc20, you better check out free audite on SwapsAISome popular micro/low caps look very riski bc of contract unsafety.Powered by @DeFi_ARC $ARC

Tokenomics and Roadmap

Discover the structure behind ARC’s ecosystem in our Tokenomics, showing how our digital currency fuels our platform and community. Our Roadmap outlines our future goals and key milestones in Web3 security.

our team

Meet with our team

Nakul Shah
Product Manager
Henry Syahputra
Chief Technology Officer
TJ Dunham
Grow with ARC
Join our mission to reshape Web3 security at ARC, where your contributions fuel our journey. Let’s lead the charge in creating a secure digital world together.