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Connect your portfolio to our Dapp to enjoy a full-suite AI-empowered experience. Including not just 24/7 AI Security support, but gem recommendations, news breakdowns, as well as cheaper fees
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Get 24/7 actionable & understandable insights from complex alerts
Web3 Safety for Everyone
Whether you're an experienced trader or just 
a curious beginner, Archimedes has your back

Earning Opportunities

Boost Earnings While Securing Code with ARC

Audit & Earn with ARC+
Jump into next-gen Web3 auditing with ARC+, where each audit not only secures your code but also earns you $ARC. Elevate your security game with continuous, rewarding audits
Interact & Profit Archimedes
Whether you're a 'degen' trader, a casual investor, or just Web3-curious, Archimedes stands guard, ensuring your digital assets are secure.

Success Stories

Boost Earnings While Securing Code with ARC

"Right now, I'm swapping OTSEA and the rate on Arc is $26, while RVF gets 1inch at $80!"
"The future is bright for $ARC @DeFi_ARC. I'm witnessing almost 68% savings on Dex Swaps!"
Bakr Cropa
"I had the same experience. Saving more than 50% on fees with $ARC. I love it! It's a game-changer for DeFi."
Kevin J. Smith
"$KMN rugged very recently and its literally written all over their smartcontract. A whopping 0/99 security score by the AI audit in @DeFi_ARC swaps (by Archimedes) would have saved anyone the trouble. Start auditing today it's completely free to use."
“#web3 people pride themselves on being on the cutting edge, but are truly so slow to adopt new things sometimes. No more scrounging around in Google search for basic info. Nice.”
CC - Art Profile
“I can connect to $UNI and swap. Or I can connect to $ARC #SwapsAI and ask Archimedes for details on the coin I’m looking to swap for, Get an up to date audit. Look at its chart. Set a limit order for purchase and pay less in gas fees. Check it out.”
Paul Balogh
“Next up on #ARC hit list is @DoraFactory, check the info below and position yourself before they pull a  next $KMN on you $ARC is the safe haven in this world of tech and innovation and scam and rug pulls. @DeFi_ARC is building a groundbreaking tech that is going to change WEB3”
“Never aped $SAVM because of this horrible security score of 0/99. But i was tempted and even thought the score must be wrong because big accounts were shilling it so hard. Now it's speculation about its IDO being a complete scam. Audit any token for free with $ARC”
"Well that’s me subscribed to ARC+. Wow I’m blown away by the new update. They said they were going to do it. THEY DID IT. Seamless, sleek, smooth design and well planned out updates. Still playing around at the moment. #LFG. $ARC."
AndY B

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