Reactor engine


Experience the future of smart contract research and DApp development with the ARC Reactor engine. Our Engine includes features like semantic code development, composable entity relationship diagrams, live code auditing, and an AI brain, all streamlining deployment and fostering innovation for all of Web3.

How It Works

Simplifying Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Forking & Editing Made Easy

Kickstart your development with user-friendly tools for quick smart contract forking and editing. Enhance your productivity effortlessly.

GitHub Integration Simplified

Forget complex setups. Our one-click GitHub integration streamlines your smart contract management, boosting team collaboration.

Fast Contract Importing

Import from ethscan and GitHub easily, speeding up deployment and streamlining your workflow without the need for custom scripts.

Unleash DApp Creation

With our tailored tools, develop decentralized applications that push the boundaries of crypto innovation.

Continuous Code Auditing

Our live, generative audits keep your code secure and compliant, offering you ongoing assurance.

AI-Enhanced Code Navigation

Navigate your codebase with our AI chat interface, uncovering patterns and optimizations to improve code quality.

Visualize Code for Better Insight

Our visual code processing offers a clearer understanding, significantly increasing data analysis speed and insight depth.

Automated Code Security and Efficiency

Let our system handle security and performance, freeing you to focus on creativity and innovation.


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use cases

How Reactor Is Helpful for Tech Pros

I am a blockchain developer developing a new smart contract for a decentralized application.
You can turn to ARC Reactor to ensure the highest level of security and efficiency for its visual exploration capabilities. By visually analyzing the contract's code, you can easily identify and address potential security risks and optimize contract execution, all within a user-friendly interface that simplifies complex blockchain concepts.
I am an AI engineer working on improving the training time of a machine learning model.
By applying ARC Reactor, you can visually dissect the model's training algorithm, identifying unnecessary computations and data bottlenecks. This visual approach allows for quick iterations and optimizations, significantly reducing training time while ensuring the model's performance remains top-notch.
I am a cybersecurity analyst evaluating the security posture of their company's digital assets.
Using ARC Reactor, you can visually map out the network and software vulnerabilities, making it easier to understand the attack surface and prioritize fixes. This visual tool not only streamlines the process of securing digital assets but also provides a clear overview, ensuring that all vulnerabilities are addressed promptly and effectively.

User Guides

Elevate Your Blockchain with ARC Reactor

Elevate Your Blockchain with ARC Reactor
Step into the future of smart contract development with the Reactor Mk. 1 AI. Our unique approach leverages AST and ontological frameworks for a robust and versatile development environment. Effortlessly transfer your projects between blockchains, making your contracts universally compatible and efficient.
Build Without Boundaries with ARC Reactor
Get a bird's eye view on Smart Contracts with the innovative Reactor Mk. 1 AI Model. Start from scratch using advanced AST and ontological frameworks for a next-level development experience. Our platform empowers you to ship your contracts to any blockchain, providing your projects with unmatched versatility


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Reactor aim to do?

Reactor aims to improve Web3 with AI-driven solutions, focusing on better utility, ease of use, and increased security.

How does Reactor's AI database work?

It connects to various large language models and uses the Semantic Graph of Thought to enhance collective intelligence.

What is the Semantic Graph of Thought?

It's a system that gives AI the ability to understand context better and adapt more effectively.

How does Reactor enhance Web3 security?

Reactor uses AI to analyze and address threats, making the Web3 space safer.

What's unique about Reactor's AI backend?

It combines different AI agents to solve Web3's complex problems more effectively.

How is Reactor making Web3 more accessible?

Reactor is user-friendly and simplifies Web3 interactions without needing deep technical knowledge.

What is Reactor's approach to widespread use?

Reactor focuses on easy-to-use design, community involvement, and educational resources to help more people use it.

What future does Reactor aim for?

Reactor aims to make Web3 as user-friendly and common as graphical interfaces made personal computing.

How does Reactor's Chatbox stand out?

It offers fast and accurate conversational AI, especially for Web3 analysis and development.

How does the Reactor Chatbox improve coding?

It provides quick, detailed coding suggestions and insights tailored to the context.

What can ARC Reactor do with smart contracts?

ARC Reactor excels in modifying and managing smart contracts, easily integrating with GitHub, and importing from sources like ethscan, streamlining the development process.

How does ARC Reactor help with decentralized app development?

It offers advanced tools that make it easier for developers to create and innovate in the decentralized application space.