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Cryption Network Token ($CNT)
ARC's advanced technology would have definitively prevented the drastic devaluation from the unauthorized creation of 100 billion $CNT tokens.
SatoshiVM ($SAVM)
With help from ARC’s innovations, a cautious Investor Avoids $SAVM Amid Scam Speculations and Low Security Score, Recommends Audits with ARC.
KyberSwap Hack
ARC's technology might have averted the $48 million loss in the KyberSwap hack.

If the holders of the above projects were subscribed to ARC+ they may have saved over +100m dollars

Setting New Standards in Tech Safety

Discover ARC's impact on digital asset protection, enhanced by our live audit AI. Learn from incidents like the KyberSwap hack, seeing how our tech could prevent massive losses. Our around-the-clock auditing defends against vulnerabilities, providing steady security.

Client Journeys

Safe Path to Token Investment with ARC Token

Explore the crypto world’s treasures safely with ARC Token. Dive into NFT gaming and investment tokens, assured of security and enjoyment, as we prioritize your safety in every discovery.

A journey to Discovering and validating promising but lesser-known tokens.

Realio Network Utility Token ($RIO)
Archimedes was key in demonstrating the token's robust security and utility, evidenced by its significant growth in the DeFi market.
Confirming the safety of gaming tokens, particularly those used in NFT gaming, plays a crucial role in having peace of mind and enhancing enjoyment.

Axie Infinity Shard ($AXS)
Archimedes' pivotal role in helping to check the token's security, effectively addressing concerns for NFT gaming and investment safety.

Impact Analysis

Over 50K people in our community were alerted that…

Cryption Network Token ($CNT)
The Cryption Network token ($CNT) experienced a severe security breach. The attacker obtained the private key of the Polygon token contract, allowing them to mint approximately 100 billion $CNT tokens. These tokens were then immediately sold off, causing a drastic drop in $CNT's value and security rating​​​​.

The decentralized exchange aggregator operating across multiple chains, was compromised through a reentrancy attack on its smart contract, resulting in a loss of around $48 million over several networks and a 90% decline in its total value locked (TVL).
SatoshiVM ($SAVM)
The credibility and safety of $SAVM was highlighted by a low security score and allegations of malpractice during its IDO. The involvement of Archimedes for auditing reflects the growing need for comprehensive and current evaluations in the volatile cryptocurrency market.


Expert Commentary

Archimedes AI: ARC’s Shield in Crypto Security

ARC has alerted the community to severe crypto risks, from $CNT’s breach to $SAVM’s dubious launch. With ARC’s guidance, you can expect a new era of accountability and security in Web3, aiming for a safer investment environment.
The ARC team lead by CEO TJ Dunham has conducted feedback from our community experts and here’s what they’ve got to say:
"Part of that new era I mentioned. Someday all of Web3 will be held accountable by $ARC"
"If this isn’t evidence of a Peer-reviewed and secured future of #Web3  I don’t know what is. I envision a world in which everyone who holds $ARC will never face a rug pull or major exploit again. More coming soon "


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Archimedes Explained

Meet Archimedes, ARC’s breakthrough in making Web3 security clear and constant. It simplifies and translates complex data into direct actions, securing your digital finances whether you’re a seasoned trader or a Web3 beginner.

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