Facing Web3

with Confidence

ARC turns the treacherous terrain of Web3 into a landscape of opportunity, ensuring your journey is both secure and promising


You have likely been scammed before. If not, the stats show that you will be...
High risk of rug-pulls and scam projects.
Difficulty in identifying promising tokens amidst vast options.
Keeping up with security developments is a challenge for you.
Time-consuming manual oversight of smart contracts and projects.


Introducing ARC+

Explore the advanced features of ARC+, a subscription service designed to enhance your Web3 experience. It offers comprehensive security with 24/7 alerts, grants early access to promising tokens before they hit the mainstream, and provides tailored insights through your preferred communication channels. With ARC+, stay updated and secure in the evolving digital asset landscape.

Your Key to Advanced Web3 Protection

ARC+ equips you with state-of-the-art Web3 security features. Benefit from continuous monitoring and alerts that keep you informed of potential risks and changes in the digital asset environment, ensuring you can act swiftly to protect your assets.

24/7 Security Alerts for Constant Vigilance

With ARC+, your digital assets are monitored around the clock. Our service provides continuous security alerts, keeping you informed of any potential threats or unusual activities, so you can respond promptly to safeguard your assets.

Exclusive Early Access to Potential "Gem" Tokens

Gain an edge with ARC+ by getting early access to select tokens with high potential, often referred to as "Gem" tokens. This exclusive insight allows you to explore and engage with promising projects before they become widely known in the market.

First look at our latest features for an edge in digital asset management

ARC+ delivers critical market insights and updates directly through your chosen communication platforms, whether within the app or on popular channels like Discord or Telegram. This ensures you receive real-time information in a convenient and accessible manner.

Up to 50% Cheaper Trading Fees vs. Uniswap

SwapsAI offers trading fees up to 50% lower than Uniswap, enhancing affordability and access in digital exchanges.

Case studies

Real Stories,
Real Protection

Discover ARC's impact: $50M+ protected, 1200+ audits, 5+ exploits detected. Learn from real cases like avoiding the $CNT token and KyberSwap losses.

Cryption Network Token ($CNT)

ARC's advanced technology would have definitively prevented the drastic devaluation from the unauthorized creation of 100 billion $CNT tokens

KyberSwap Hack ($KNCL)

ARC's technology might have averted the $48 million loss in the KyberSwap hack.

SatoshiVM ($SAVM)

With help from ARC’s innovations, a cautious Investor Avoids $SAVM Amid Scam Speculations and Low Security Score, Recommends Audits with ARC.


ARC's Archimedes AI Alerts Community to the Rug-Pull Risk of the $KMN Token.

How does it work

Unlock Web3 Security with Archimedes
Instant Security Insights

Simplified alerts make complex security data actionable 24/7 for all users.

AI-Driven Code Audits

Continuous, automated code auditing to protect against security threats.

Seamless Token Swaps

Easy exchanges across blockchains.

Intelligent Web3 Assistant

Easy exchanges across blockchains.

Limit Orders on Ethereum

Analyze and execute trades with real-time data.

In-depth Token Analysis

Comprehensive evaluations for clarity and confidence in investments.


Step Into Advanced Investing with Archimedes
Just $9.99/Month
Unmatched value for continuous security and exclusive insights.
24/7 Security Alerts
Stay ahead of risks without missing a beat.
'Gem' Token Discoveries
Early insight into high-potential investments.
Early Feature Access
Get a first look at innovations that elevate your investment strategy.
Strategic Edge
Equip yourself with tools and insights that sharpen your investment decisions.
Swap and Cross-chain Swaps
Enables seamless token swaps across the supported blockchains.
Limit Order Features
Works on the Ethereum Mainnet. Including an in-app price chart, enabling users to analyze digital asset values over different time frames.
ARC+ Subscription Account
$9.99 /Month
Just $9.99/Month
Unmatched value for continuous security and exclusive insights.
24/7 Security Alerts
'Gem' Token Discoveries
Early Feature Access
Strategic Edge
Limit Order Features
Swap&Cross-chain Swaps
ARC+ Subscription Account
$9.99 /Month
Just $9.99/Month
Unmatched value for continuous security and exclusive insights.
24/7 Security Alerts
'Gem' Token Discoveries
Early Feature Access
Strategic Edge
Limit Order Features
Swap&Cross-chain Swaps
Quick Intel
ARC+ provides the security tools you need to avoid scams, have more peace of mind and become a confident crypto trader.
Up to 50% cheaper trading fees vs. Uniswap

Over $50 Million Secured

Dive into user testimonials showcasing the trust and reliability placed in our security solutions.
Really impressed by the product swapsAi powered by @DeFi_ARC Save 40% on gas fee Audit rug pull coins. It detects faults in the contracts On top of that
Wait, it does WHAT?! Count me in! Saving gas fees, catching rug pullers, and a NASA award-winning AI? 🚀 Impressive! Can't wait to dive into the world of $ARC and join the hardworking team! Let's hodl for the long haul!
The future is bright for $ARC @DeFi_ARC. I'm witnessing almost 68% savings on Dex Swaps!
Even after seeing the bench mark result of #ARCREACTOR people are sleeping on $ARC. It has surpassed almost all the Giant of AI industry . If the team delivers the sky will be limit. 📈 🚀
Before aping shitcoins or any erc20, you better check out free audit on SwapsAI
Some popular micro/low caps look very risky bc of contract unsafety.
Powered by @DeFi_ARC $ARC

Why choose ARC+

ARC+: Your Shortcut to Smarter DeFi.
Secure & Efficient
Rug Pull Protection
Gas Fee Savings
AI-Powered Efficiency
Secure & Efficient
Rug Pull Protection
Gas Fee Savings
AI-Powered Efficiency
Proprietary AI for unmatched DeFi security and savings.
Detect contract flaws to avoid potential losses.
Slash gas fees by up to 40%.
Transform crypto transactions with smarter, safer DeFi operations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What recent advancements has ARC made in the Web3 space?

ARC has introduced several new features and enhancements, setting new industry standards. These include a refined dApp interface, enhanced mobile accessibility, expansion of its strategic Web3 assistant, streamlined discovery and real-time alerts, the Archimedes Subscription Service, systematic enhancements for optimal performance, and the innovative Minimal Audits feature.

What is ARC's vision for the future in Web3?

ARC aims to continue leading and shaping the future of Web3 with a focus on innovation, security, and excellence, driven by a profound sense of responsibility towards its users.

What is ARC+?

ARC+ is a new comprehensive subscription service for digital asset management. It aims to provide sophisticated tools and insights for a proactive and informed approach to managing digital assets.
The objective of ARC+ is to furnish subscribers with essential tools and information for a confident and secure approach to managing digital assets.
ARC+ is more than a new revenue stream – it's the beginning of a new era in asset management. The service combines custom AI training for each user's portfolio with advanced security features and unparalleled market insights.
The introduction of ARC+ is a pivotal moment, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and insights designed to support a strategic, informed, and secure approach in digital asset management. It aims to set new standards for security and insight in the digital asset realm.

What is the cost of the ARC+ subscription?

The monthly fee for ARC+ is $9.99.

What security features does ARC+ offer?

ARC+ offers continuous portfolio monitoring and 24/7 security alerts, along with white-hat expert-level smart contract safety checks. These measures are designed to ensure robust security for subscribers.

How does ARC+ integrate with Telegram and Discord?

Subscribers can integrate their Telegram or Discord accounts to receive Security DMs from Archimedes. This allows interactive chat conversations with the proactive AI, keeping subscribers informed about potential threats, market shifts, and the structural integrity of their digital assets.

What type of analysis and insights does ARC+ provide?

ARC+ provides advanced analytics offering in-depth insights into market trends and asset performance.

What is unique about the 'gem' tokens alerts feature in ARC+?

The service includes alerts about potential 'gem' tokens, which are promising assets identified by a dedicated team of market specialists before they gain widespread recognition.

Will subscribers get early access to new features?

Yes, subscribers will have priority access to all new feature releases of ARC, ensuring they are equipped with the latest tools and information in the digital asset market.