ARC Reactor GenAI Opens for Waitlisters

June 25, 2024
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ARC Solutions, Inc., a deep tech company developing the next generation of efficient AI and secure Web3 products, has begun granting users access to the GenAI front-end of the Company’s Reactor AI. Anyone who signed up for the Reactor waitlist now has access to the initial release of the GenAI powered by the most energy-efficient and best-performing AI platform in the industry.

Check out the ARC Reactor Mk. I performance paper here.

Based on the ARC Reactor Mk. I AI platform, Reactor GenAI features the ability to drop in files for analysis, more accurate responses through prompt bias filtering, and enhanced statefulness for drastically improved continuity during chat sessions. 

How to Take Reactor Mk. I for a Test Drive

Testing for Speed

  • Ask complex questions, measure the response times, and compare to other GenAI chat applications.
  • Sample prompt: "Explain the implications of Moore's Law in simple terms." 

Checking for Accuracy

  • Pose a series of detailed, nuanced questions, and evaluate the relevance and accuracy of the answers.

Monitor Energy Consumption 

  • Monitor device energy usage during prolonged interactions and compare it to other AI models. 

File Analysis Feature 

  • Test Reactor's ability to read and respond using file content by adding one or more documents (e.g., PDF, Word, etc.) to the prompt field and then requesting a workload.
  • Sample prompt: "Summarize the key points of this PDF document." (drop-in file) 

Test Code Analysis

  • See how Reactor responds to and evaluates code or smart contracts in the chat field.
  • Sample prompt: “Is this script as efficient as it could be?” (paste code)

Evaluate Prompt Quality 

  • Engage in a written exchange, observe the prompts returned by Reactor, and assess their relevance and helpfulness over time.
  • Sample process: Start a conversation about a recent news event and follow the AI's suggested prompts.

“The GenAI chat front-end of Reactor might look and seem to work like others out there, but the internals of the Reactor Mk. I model are drastically different. We’ve taken a very different approach to AI training, which has not only had a drastic impact on performance, but it’s made Reactor the most energy efficient AI model out there. I look forward to the feedback and input from our growing community during the early access phase, and I am beyond excited about what we have planned to release in the near future to advance the cause of building AI for humans.” –TJ Dunham, CEO at ARC Solutions.

Missed the waitlist for early access the first time around? Sign up for the second round of Reactor GenAI preview availability here

ARC is a deep tech company developing the next generation of efficient AI and secure Web3 products. Founded in 2023, ARC was built on the belief that AI should work in the service of humanity while being simple and transparent enough to be accessible to as many humans as possible. 


Technica Communications for ARC Solutions, Inc.

Cait Caviness 

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