Case Studies

Case Study on KASPA MINING ($KMN)

ARC's Archimedes AI Alerts Community to the Rug-Pull Risk of the $KMN Token.


This case study delves into the severe security breach of the KMN token ($KMN), identified by ARC's Archimedes AI. The incident, uncovered recently, highlights the importance of proactive security audits in the cryptocurrency space.


The $KMN token experienced a catastrophic security failure, evident from its smart contract vulnerabilities. An AI audit by ARC's Archimedes revealed a 0/99 security score, signaling an extreme risk of a rug-pull event. This score indicated critical oversights in the token's security framework.


Upon examination, the low security score of the KMN token was attributed to multiple security loopholes in its smart contract. The ARC Archimedes AI's thorough analysis pinpointed these vulnerabilities, which could have led to significant financial losses and eroded investor trust in the token.

A tweet regarding the $KMN token's security issue reached over 6,000 views, indicating widespread concern in the community.

ARC's audit screenshot revealed the poor audit scores of $KMN, underlining the severity of the security vulnerabilities.

ARC’s Archimedes AI's audit could have been a vital tool for investors to avoid such high-risk investments.


The ARC Archimedes AI audit was instrumental in raising awareness about the potential rug-pull with $KMN. Users accessing the ARC audit report were alerted to the token's precarious security standing. This early detection by Archimedes could have been crucial in preventing substantial investor losses and maintaining market integrity.


The $KMN token's security breach case underscores the critical need for robust security measures and proactive auditing in the cryptocurrency sector. ARC's Archimedes AI serves as a powerful tool in safeguarding digital assets, highlighting the importance of technology in mitigating risks in the DeFi ecosystem.