Case Studies

Case Study on SatoshiVM ($SAVM)

Audits with ARC analyze both the latest token information and the smart contract code, which compelled a cautious investor to ensure investment transparency and security of the token.


This case delves into the controversy and security concerns surrounding $SAVM (SatoshiVM), a cryptocurrency that underwent significant scrutiny over its security score and the legitimacy of its IDO. Central to the narrative is the role of Archimedes, a tool that incorporates smart contract code analysis to provide real-time, objective audits, which was crucial in assessing the security and legitimacy of $SAVM.The audit score compelled a check on latest information about the token which are aligning to the low security score on the audit.


The case centers on the credibility and safety of $SAVM, highlighted by a low security score and allegations of malpractice during its IDO. The involvement of Archimedes for auditing reflects the growing need for comprehensive and current evaluations in the volatile cryptocurrency market.


Security Concerns: The decision by an investor to avoid $SAVM due to its low security score, as revealed by Archimedes' real-time, objective auditing capabilities.

IDO Allegations and Archimedes' Role: Scrutiny of the IDO process involving Ape Terminal and MacnBTC, where Archimedes' audit, considering the latest token information and smart contract code, played a key role in highlighting potential issues.

Financial Implications: The analysis by and Archimedes, pointing out risks like ownership concentration and unlocked liquidity.

Market Dynamics: The fluctuation in $SAVM's market price following the controversy and the release of audit reports.


Audit Impact: Archimedes' comprehensive auditing approach significantly influenced market and investor perceptions by providing timely and objective assessments.

Transparency and Accountability: Efforts by SatoshiVM to improve transparency, including releasing its research paper, were complemented by Archimedes' transparent auditing process.Community Response: The crypto community's reaction, shaped in part by the insights provided by Archimedes' audits, highlighted the need for honest and thorough assessments in cryptocurrency investments.


The $SAVM case study emphasizes the importance of advanced auditing tools like Archimedes in the cryptocurrency market. These tools, which analyze both the latest token information and the smart contract code, are vital for providing investors with current and unbiased evaluations. This case serves as a reminder of the necessity for transparency, rigorous security, and the use of cutting-edge technology to ensure the integrity and reliability of cryptocurrency investments.