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What is $stARC

$stARC is a synthetic token that will be rewarded to people who use our products (training our AI) and hold $ARC. $stARC is a ranking token and can’t be purchased.

Illustrated above are some of the key elements of the interactions between different processes within the ecosystem.

When a user stakes $ARC in our tools, and begins using them they may accumulate $stARC tokens as a ranking indicator
$stARC will be used to verify the quality of a users outputs in our AI database, and the amount issued to individuals will be in direct correlation the following factors:
1. The amount of $ARC the user has staked (highlighted in blue).
2. Their use of Archimedes and other $ARC products.
3. $stARC will be issued commensurate to the users efforts in training our AI and learning with our tools.
$stARC can not be farmed or staked and it can not generate yield. The only way to earn stARC is to stake ARC and use our products.
When $stARC goes live it will be the sole token for staking in our Farms.
$stARC can't be compounded or staked, only burned for $ETH.

200m tokens in total are staked in the Farm 2.0. User A controls 1m of these tokens. User A will command 0.5% of all $stARC issued on a monthly basis. $stARC is issued in correlation with the users use of the $ARC ecosystem and the quality of their Feedback (see diagram above).

Converting $stARC to ETH

When the user wants to convert their $stARC ranking tokens into $ETH, they can sell their $stARC which will burn the synthetic token and exchange the value of the tokens for the amount equal in $ETH. As $stARC has a fixed value it acts as a ranking mechanism for $ARC holders within our AI database and the sale of the $stARC tokens will have zero (0) price impact on the $ARC Utility Token.

As the Reactor and DeFi ecosystem expands in size and scope, so does the volume of data to our AI database. This growth* increases the volume of $stARC issued, which in turn, increases the users rank. The synergy between $stARC and $ARC is important because it secures the data that is being fed to our AI. Whilst at the same time providing incentive for people to learn about Web3 security.

$stARC will be deployed along with Farms 2.0 in Q1 2024 and as ARC continues executing its Roadmap, the community will be updated with all facets of development via social media outlets, Newsletters, and other publications.

allows you to

Train a cutting edge AI system in collaboration with Google
Rank within our system, potentially being rewarded for your feedback
Govern our decentralized ecosystem, and secure it for the future

Token Distribution


$ARC has never been sold in a token offering event. Being a true utility token, $ARC represents exclusive access to an ecosystem of decentralized cutting-edge AI tools

Token Allocation & Distribution

To further provide clarity around the $ARC token and its distribution, this section explains the unlock schedule and overall Tokenomics.

Token Circulation

At present there are 861,492,292 tokens in circulation (as of 6 December 2023) with over 358m or 36% of the total supply staked.

Locked Tokens

At present, as of December 2023 there are over 133m tokens locked in Unicrypt. Representing approximately 14% of the total supply. Set to be unlocked over the next year.
10 unlocks left


The 133m tokens locked in Unicrypt are set to unlock at 18:00 UTC on the 29th of each month concluding on the 29th August 2024, at 18:00 UTC (20 unlocks scheduled from January 2023 with the sum of 12.5m tokens each month). These tokens are a mixture of ecosystem, marketing, team, advisor and future exchange liquidity.

Please be advised that any of the above is subject to change at any time, and that our staking platform, including any associated features, will not be accessible to residents of the United States as well as other sanctioned reasons. All US based and other sanctioned region IP addresses will be blocked from accessing our staking protocols.

The tokens are distributed as per the tokenomics.

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