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Experience the future of smart contract and DApp development with ARC Reactor. Our AI includes features like forking, editing, and GitHub integration, streamlining deployment and fostering innovation in the crypto world

Commitment to Reliable and Safe AI

Reactor focuses on developing advanced AI systems that prioritize operational safety and reliability. We aim to improve AI safety through robust, controllable, and dependable models, mirroring our external deployments.
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Research Principles

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Systematic AI Research
Reactor conducts AI research using scaling principles from statistical physics. We analyze data volume, computational power, model parameters, and system performance in networks to optimize training and understand AI system safety.
Enhancing Safety
We focus on safety research for advanced AI models, addressing evolving safety challenges. Integrating safety protocols with analytical tools for text and code is a current priority.
Evaluative Tools
We develop tools to assess AI systems' societal effects thoroughly. Our work includes contributions to AI effectiveness discussions and AI policy measurement challenges.
Collaborative Research
Collaboration is central to our strategy. We balance directed and grassroots initiatives, involving specialists from various fields and seeking partnerships with other institutions for insightful AI research.

research-based blogposts

Research-based blog posts

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